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As Taal was erupting, should I cancel an overseas trip to attend a scientific meeting (I did)? Would my wife proceed with her biopsy as the pandemic started (she did, and it was all clear)? How often should we visit our parents? Is it safe for us to go grocery shopping? These are just some of the questions we wrestled with since the year began. Some were day to day ones, while others were more far-reaching.

In this time of unprecedented crisis, leaders are tested like never before. Parents have to make decisions that will affect their families’ welfare for years to come (e.g., will we let the children go to school?). Managers need to decide who comes to work and who stays at home, even who loses their job. Pastors struggle whether to gather the church corporately for worship.

Because of the gravity of some actions' consequences, conflicts are bound to arise within an organization or ministry. Meetings and discussions quickly flare up as lives and livelihoods are at stake. In such situations, a leader may sometimes feel overwhelmed.

In stark contrast to our frailty, Jesus led with such calm amidst swirling chaos. One time, He was with the disciples crossing the lake of Galilee in a small boat. A strong storm suddenly hit them, and the boat was in danger of capsizing. The veteran fisher folks around Him were in a state of panic. What about Jesus? “He was in the stern, asleep on the cushion” (Mark 4:38). He was sleeping like a baby, fully trusting His Father’s care.

Even more, He did not ignore the apostles’ fear. When they woke Him up, He hushed the raging sea and wind with a divine command, “Peace, be still” (Mark 4:39). By doing so, He proclaims His royal reign over all creation.

What a blessing then that Christians have a leader like Jesus. He fully understands our limitations. We don’t have to prove ourselves before Him. We can come to Him in prayer whenever we are in over our heads. No matter what our predicament is, He will enable us to overcome.

Praise Him!

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