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Book Outline


Setting the stage


What is a Christian leader?


Reflecting on your leadership skills


Part I: Logos- A Leader Has A Message


Chapter 1: A leader is a theologian

Chapter 2: A leader is a life-long learner

Chapter 3: A leader is a communicator

Chapter 4: A leader uses social media wisely

Part II: Pathos- A Leader Is Passionate About The Logos


Chapter 5: A leader radiates commitment

Chapter 6: A leader is an optimist

Chapter 7: A leader perseveres

Chapter 8: A leader is a servant


Part III: Ethos- A Leader Lives The Logos


Chapter 9: Biblical leadership basics

Chapter 10: A leader depends on God

Chapter 11: A leader is growing in humility

Chapter 12: A leader knows his limitations

Chapter 13: A leader is open to correction

Chapter 14: A leader knows how to apologize

Chapter 15: A leader lives a consistent life

Chapter 16: A leader knows how to use power


Chapter 17: A leader leads his family


Behind A (Great) Leader… Is An Infinitely Greater God!


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